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My Imaginarium

Let's build a fort out of chairs and blankets and make believe we are pirates.

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my name is meg;;
Well hi there, I'm Meg; welcome to my LJ!
I'm a 21 year old Aussie girl that is a lover of music, movies and books. Horror films are mostly my thing, I love Asian cinema! I'll read just about everything but horror is one of my faves :)

I adore anything and everything that is Batman, hail the bad ass super hero! My favourite Batman is Christian Bale. I also adore anything Hello Kitty, I'm an avid collector so be ready to hear about my findings. I love nail polish too and nail art so be prepared to see some things like that. I'm also still a massive Disney fan, second golden age FTW. My favourite Disney character is Ariel <3

Orange is another obsession in my life, its my ultimate favourite colour and I collect anything that shares its hue. My favourite scents are rain, sun block and oranges <3

I cuss a lot in my journal. Ye have been warned.